Ippodo Tea

Ippodo Tea Sayaka Matcha - 40g

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Best Before Date: April 08, 2024

Product Specs:
40 gram
Rich & Smooth

This rich and smooth matcha from Ippodo offers a sweet, umami taste with a touch of bitterness. An ideal introduction for matcha newcomers, Sayaka can be enjoyed in traditional koicha preparations or as a modern matcha latte. Its bright color and soft astringency make it a delight for both matcha novices and connoisseurs. Discover the depth and nuances of Sayaka and experience teatime in a whole new way.

Ippodo Tea 一保堂茶舖
Born in the heart of Kyoto, Ippodo Tea is a cherished Japanese tea company with roots extending back to 1717. Renowned for crafting well-balanced, aromatic teas, Ippodo has garnered a reputation for quality over its 300+ year history. Their selection process is meticulous, carefully choosing, blending, and crafting each of their 30+ blends from the finest tea leaves. Sourced from the verdant mountains of Kyoto - an area recognized for producing Japan's highest grade of green tea thanks to its misty climate, mineral-rich soil, and the ideal balance of sunshine and rainfall - Ippodo's teas embody a time-honored tradition of excellence.

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