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Graceful Hill Taiwanese Oolong Tea 金萱素馨茶


Product Specs:
2oz Loose Leaf 
Oolong Tea | low oxidation

Graceful Hill is a light-bodied oolong tea that comes from Yilan County, the northeastern part of the Taiwan Island. Most tea produced in Yilan is consumed locally among the villages, making this tea a rare find.

Graceful Hill oolong is made from the Jinxuan cultivar, known for producing teas that have an aroma of fresh butter – hence its nickname “milk oolong”. This infusion is refined and soft with a bouquet of wildflowers and tropical mountain ferns. Its texture is pure and elegant.

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Flavor Profile
Wildflower, fern, almond butter

Brewing Instructions
Tea Water ratio: 5 gram / 236ml (8 oz)
Water Temperature: 195°F / 91°C
Steep Time: 50 seconds, adding 10 seconds on each consecutive steep

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