DOT design

Mooncake Ceramic Teacup Set


Product Specs:
Cup: ø2.7" x H1.3"
Box: W6.3" x L6.3" x H1.8"  

These teacups are inspired by mooncakes. A mooncake is a Chinese pastry that is traditionally eaten during the Mid-Autumn Festival. The festival is about lunar appreciation and moon watching. Mooncakes are shared between friends and family while celebrating the festival.

DOT Design used the shape of the mooncakes to create these teacups. The bottom of each teacup is crafted with a Chinese character on it. The literal translation of these 4 characters is Flower(花), Good(好), Moon(月), Round(圓). The meaning is completeness and unity with bliss and happiness.

  • Made in Taiwan.

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