Studio M'

Donabe Rice Cooker in Brown

$70 $85.50

Product Specs:
W7.5" x D6.1" x H5.3"/ 37oz

Studio M' – Everyday simplicity and warmth

Conceived for fun and daily use at home, the Studio M brand includes everyday tableware items such as plates, mugs, bowls, teapots, and more. The various styles ranging from Japanese-like to Western-like all have a common feature: a lovely, thoughtful, and warm design.

The cute donabe style rice cooker creates convection for each grain of rice to be cooked evenly and makes fluffy rice. The earthenware pot is intentionally made with clay that has properties that are good with operating at high temperatures. The very porous nature of this clay allows for heat to build up slowly but keeps heat effectively once it achieves its peak temperature so the flavors can really sink in.

  • Made in Japan
  • Microwave and direct fire safe.
  • Hand wash recommended
  • Do not use abrasive cleaners or steel wool.
  • Do not use for deep frying.
  • Dry well before use or the remaining moisture could cause breakage when heated.
  • Do not heat without water
  • The handle and lid will be hot when heated. Please use mittens to hold.
  • Do not touch with a wet cloth or put in a wet place while it is hot as rapid cooling may cause breakage.
  • Remove the lid when using it in an oven as a rapid rise in temperature may cause breakage.
  • Do not leave the pot soaked in water.

*IMPORTANT: Before the first use – Care Guild: Donabe

*Photo Credit: Marumitsu Poterie / Studio M'

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