Mogutable Selects

Cedar Wappa Bento Box


Product Specs:
L6.5" x W4.5" x H2"
Natural Cedar wood urethane coating

This durable cedar bento box will bring light to your lunchtime. Natural, breathing cedar wood will allow rice and other contents to breathe and taste as amazing as when they were first packed. Plus, the wood’s natural refreshing scent will lend a groundedness to your food that is much needed in this era of disconnectedness from what goes into our bodies. The included divider helps to organize your meal, completing the traditional bento experience.

This cedar bento box is an investment piece and will last for years with proper care. Use coconut oil on it when it lacks shine, hand wash and dry, but most importantly do not let it sit in water as the expansion will cause the parts to fit together incorrectly.

  • NOT microwave safe
  • Hand wash only
  • Do not soak in the water

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