Mumu Bath

Osmanthus Flower Body Oil


Product Specs:
2 oz / 4 oz
All-Natural | 100% Vegan | Organic

Unlock the secret to naturally radiant skin with this unique Osmanthus Flower Body Oil. Originating from the founder's hometown in Taiwan, the exclusive Osmanthus flowers, native only to Asia, are rich in rejuvenating antioxidants like catechins and flavonoids. Experience the dual benefits of detoxification and enhanced skin health. Celebrated for its ability to refine skin tone, amplify natural color, and reinvigorate your glow, this oil is an Asian beauty treasure. Infused with the goodness of avocado oil, coconut oil, and sweet almond oil, its lightweight formula delights with delicate osmanthus floral undertones. Ideal for sensitive or problematic skin, apply post-shower to seal in moisture, or indulge in its therapeutic properties for massage. It's a versatile gem, apt for hands, body, and even taming hair split ends.

Mumu Bath, encapsulating the harmonic essence of Mandarin words for "bath" and "tree", stands testament to a commitment for clean, natural products. Established by Sasha in New York City, this brand was born out of a mother's desire to provide her baby, and families alike, with gentle skincare. Handcrafted in the heart of NYC, Mumu Bath embodies a blend of love, care, and nature's simplicity, making it an essential choice for every skin type.

*Sanitary goods and skincare products can not be returned

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