Panalito Placemat in Sage


Product Specs:
14" x 18"
100% Cotton

The Panalito Placemat in Sage harmoniously blends tradition with modern elegance. Drawing inspiration from Guatemala's classic textile arts, it offers a dual-tone design fitting seamlessly into contemporary settings. Each side provides its own shade, giving you the choice of a lighter or deeper hue. Handcrafted with precision by a family-run cooperative in Comalapa, this placemat carries with it stories from distant lands, making every meal an experience in culture and design.

  • Made in Guatemala
  • Handwash cold, hang dry. Do not wring
  • Due to the nature of handcrafted goods, slight variations are embraced
  • Ethically made

MINNA, a lifestyle brand from Upstate New York, melds artistry with ethical commitment. With Sara Berks at its helm, this queer-led endeavor collaborates closely with Latin American artisans, shaping homewares that resonate with echoes of feminist art, Bauhaus design, and vintage allure. Every piece not only adorns your space but also shares a narrative of legacy, resilience, and authenticity. MINNA isn't just about decor – it's a testament to values.

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