Ikenaga Iron Works

Tetu Nambu Cast Iron Teapot


Product Specs:
ø4.7" x H5.5" / 18.6oz
Cast Iron / Walnut Wood / Interior is enamel coated

This iron and wood tea pot by Japanese design legend Makoto Koizumi completes the set with its matching tea kettle. While this iteration cannot withstand direct heat, it does contain a strainer and a wider, wood-capped opening to make tea rituals easy. A beautiful conversation with the tea kettle: where its handle is flat, this is round; where its outside is rough cast iron, this inside is glossy like the bottom of a mysterious lake. Its similar sloping sides and natural-oiled wood cap, however, make it an undeniable set. On its own, this tea pot still does shine. From its pouring-aid lip to its gorgeous, simple metal joinery, this teapot will make each day that you use it feel special.

Born in Tokyo, Makoto Koizumi quickly shot to prominence in the Japanese design world with the establishment of Koizumi Studio in 1990. From homeware to buildings, Koizumi has designed it all. His recent project, Waza, works on refurbishing heritage handicrafts. Koizumi is Professor Emeritus at Musashino Art University. He has won Grand Prizes at both the Mainichi Design Awards and Japan Craft Exhibition. With attention to detail and an eye for materials, to own a piece by Koizumi is to own a piece of design history.

This pot is hand wash only and risks cracking if exposed to quick temperature changes.

  • Made in Japan
  • Designed by Makoto Koizumi
  • Good Design Award Winner
  • Cannot be used on direct fire

Care Instructions:
-Fill up to 80% and leave some room for the boiling water to expand or it may overflow
-Sharp temperature changes may cause cracks
-DO NOT TOUCH the body and handle while using as it can become extremely hot

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