W Glass


Product Specs:
ø4.3" x 3.5" / 13oz 
Recycled Glass

HMM, a Taiwanese design studio that specializes in coffee and office accessories. The brand name, HMM, stands for Human - Mechanic - Method. Specializing in high quality and finely crafted coffee ware and office accessories, HMM breathes life into the design and interprets these artifacts in a heartfelt way.

W Glass by HMM. The glasses are made by local craftsmen of Spring Pool Glass in Taiwan using recycled glass. The integrated glass handle is practical and heat-proof, the tapered bottom allows easy stacking, and the angled exterior and circular inner surface enable easy cleaning. Realize unlimited prospects of circular economy and environmental friendliness.

  • Made in Taiwan
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Made by recycled glass

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