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Alishan Ai Yu Jelly Kit 阿里山愛玉手搓組


Product Specs:
100% Ai Yu Fig Seeds

The golden child of Taiwanese summer desserts, Ai Yu 愛玉 is an amber-colored jelly commonly served with lemons, honey, and wild starch pearls 山粉圓 in tea shops and night markets across the Taiwan. The jelly is made from the seeds of the Ai Yu Jelly Fig (Ficus pumila var. awkeotsang), a plant native to Taiwan with deep significance to the indigenous communities in the Alishan Mountain Range.

To make Ai Yu Jelly, the tiny fig seeds are placed in a mesh bag and rinsed in spring water. This causes them to release pectin that interacts with minerals and sets the water into a jelly. To serve, chill the jelly, scoop it out, and top with honey syrup and lemon juice.

This all-in-one Ai Yu Jelly 愛玉 Kit has everything you need to get started (minus the mineral water):

  • 1 pack of Alishan Ai Yu Seeds
  • 1 mesh rinsing bag
  • 1 Ai Yu recipe booklet
  • a beautiful silkscreened gift box

*1 pack of seeds makes 12 cups or 3 quarts of ai yu jelly, serves 9-10
*Please note that you must use hard (mineral) water.

Instructions to make the jelly can be found here.

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