Meridian Napkin in Jay


Product Specs:
18" x 18"
100% Cotton

Evoke the serene beauty of the skies with the Meridian Napkin in Jay. Drawing inspiration from map gridlines and avian hues, it showcases a robin's egg blue window pane plaid, accented by turquoise and dove striped edges. Handwoven in Larráinzar, Mexico, these napkins add a delightful pop of color to daily meals and effortlessly layer for celebratory occasions.

  • Made in Mexico
  • Machine wash, tumble dry or hang dry
  • Gets softer and more absorbent with every wash 
  • Due to the nature of handcrafted goods, slight variations are embraced

MINNA, a lifestyle brand from Upstate New York, melds artistry with ethical commitment. With Sara Berks at its helm, this queer-led endeavor collaborates closely with Latin American artisans, shaping homewares that resonate with echoes of feminist art, Bauhaus design, and vintage allure. Every piece not only adorns your space but also shares a narrative of legacy, resilience, and authenticity. MINNA isn't just about decor – it's a testament to values.

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