Ippodo Tea

Ippodo Tea Uji Shincha - 50g New Harvest Sencha 2024


Product Specs:
Green Tea

Each spring, as the weather warms, the tea fields in the mountains south of Kyoto come alive. The tea plants, having stored energy over the long winter, begin to sprout vibrant green buds. This year, Ippodo's Shincha is a delightful blend of fresh new sencha harvests, creating a tea that's well-balanced, flavorful, and vivid. Its fragrance is sunny, fresh, and vegetal, while the umami flavor is balanced by a crisp astringency and a subtle mineral-like quality. The beautiful vibrant green leaves and bright golden brew color make this year's Shincha a visual and flavorful treat. Compared to Ippodo's regular sencha, Shincha boasts a powerful flavor, aroma, and aftertaste, providing a refreshing splash like ice-cold water on a hot summer morning.

Shincha is limited and only available each year at this time, so don't miss the chance to taste it!

Ippodo Tea 一保堂茶舖
Born in the heart of Kyoto, Ippodo Tea is a cherished Japanese tea company with roots extending back to 1717. Renowned for crafting well-balanced, aromatic teas, Ippodo has garnered a reputation for quality over its 300+ year history. Their selection process is meticulous, carefully choosing, blending, and crafting each of their 30+ blends from the finest tea leaves. Sourced from the verdant mountains of Kyoto - an area recognized for producing Japan's highest grade of green tea thanks to its misty climate, mineral-rich soil, and the ideal balance of sunshine and rainfall - Ippodo's teas embody a time-honored tradition of excellence.

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