Hirota Glass

Chirori Silver Sake/Ice Teapot


Product Specs:
3.54" x 6.3" x H6.3" / 15.2 oz

This is a versatile glass sake pot that can be used for cold and hot sakes. Chirori refers to an ancient metal tool called “chorori” used to heat special sake. Here, the chiori finds a new form in this elegant teapot with a functional glass insert. Put ice into the insert and fill the pot with sake to keep the drink cold without diluting it. You can also use this functionality for iced teas so that you can look at its beautiful color through the clear glass. The chirori itself is also made of tempered glass so, if warmed first, it can be used to hold hot sake or tea. Simply remove the insert, fill and enjoy.

This chirori is made by Hirota Glass, one of Tokyo’s oldest glassmakers. Founded in 1899, Hirota works to use its classic designs to bring heritage Edo Kiriko glassware and traditional Japanese glassblowing techniques into the current day, proving that they can still harmonize with the modern home.

  • Made in Japan
  • Hand wash only
  • NOT microwave safe

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