Tojiki Tonya

Iga Single Serve Donabe in White


Product Specs:
ø7.3" x H4.1" / 20oz

What is the “Donabe”? Meaning “clay pot” in Japanese, it hails as one of Japan’s oldest cooking vessels. In Japan, every household has at least one donabe pot in their kitchen and is more often than not used on a daily basis. These earthenware pots are intentionally made with clay that have properties that are good with operating at high temperatures. The very porous nature of this clay allows for heat to build up slowly, but keeps heat effectively once it achieves its peak temperature so the flavors can really sink in. It makes your soups, stews, and hot pot dishes more delicious! 

Why is the bottom so rough?

Iga ware is known for its coarse soil that has high heat storage capacity. 

This Iga donabe is made of Kobiwako Clay that is from a sedimentary layer containing many remains of organisms and plants that lived around 3-4 million years ago. When fired at a high temperature, the organisms and plants burn out and fine pores are created. This porous clay is called the "breathing soil". Its effects of the far-infrared rays and the porous clay heat up the food slowly and evenly, and seal all the deliciousness of the ingredients inside.
  • Made in Japan
  • Microwave safe
  • Not dishwasher safe

Recipe: Tori Tsukune Nabe 鶏つくね鍋

*IMPORTANT: Before the first use – Care Guild: Donabe

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