Kinto Ceramic Lab Teapot in White 500ml


Product Specs:
ø2.8" x H4.4" x W7" / 500ml (17 oz)

The Ceramic Lab teapot was born from the hands of skilled craftsmen in Japan's traditional pottery villages. Each piece is a testament to their expertise and experience, resulting in a beautiful and functional teapot that's perfect for modern living. With a humble yet dignified presence, the rough texture of the clay peeks out at the bottom under the calm color glazing, giving it a sharp impression reminiscent of quarried stone. The teapot features a comfortable handle and a large strainer that allows tea leaves to open widely inside, releasing their full flavor. Made of sandstone unique to the Hasami region, mixed with Amakusa porcelain stone, it ensures durability and nuanced expressions created by the iron in the sandstone reacting with the glaze. 

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Do not microwave

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