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Anna Mörner, Growning Room

$89 $108

Product Specs:
50x70 cm / Approx 19.6x27.5 inch
Printed on 265g high quality art paper.

Fits standard frames. Frame is not included.
Packed and shipped in a protective tube

Fine art giclée print
Giclée is a printing technique used to attain intense, saturated colours as well as a greater variety of depth and nuances. Combined with the premium art paper, it guarantees archival conservation of colours for the highest possible age resistance.

About the Artist: Anna Mörner
Earthy, harmonious and fun. Those is the words Stockholm based artist Anna Mörner would use to describe her own art. Getting her inspiration from playful colour combinations, fashion and furniture design, Mörner creates pieces with a bold sense of purpose and character. And having fun while creating her art is a must.

It has to be fun. I like that art has no rules. You make your thoughts come alive - it is a continuous search of experiments.

Mörner’s love of colours come into play in her figurative art prints, depicting human-like figures and naturalistic drawings of plants.

The Poster Club
The Poster Club is a Copenhagen-based company offering a unique selection of high-quality posters and art prints from both upcoming and established artists.

The inspiration comes from the trends in Nordic lifestyle, fashion and interior design, combining our roots in Copenhagen and the Scandinavian culture, with new and innovative technology in the creative industry.

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