Hirota Glass

Japanese Glass Sake Bottle and Cup Set


Product Specs:
bottle ø3" x H6" 
cup ø3" x H2" 
Sake Bottle * 1 + Sake Glass * 2 (with a gift box)

Experience the delicate flavors and aromas of sake with the Hirota Glass sake set. Skillfully crafted with attention to detail, this set includes a bottle and two matching cups that enhance the visual appeal of your sake.

Hirota Glass has a long-standing tradition of creating exquisite glassware in Japan. With this sake set, you'll be able to savor your sake as it was meant to be experienced.

This sophisticated and refined set is perfect for any occasion, adding an understated touch of elegance to your home bar or dining table. Whether you're a seasoned sake connoisseur or a newcomer to the drink, the Hirota Glass sake set is a subtle and tasteful addition to your collection.

  • Do not use dishwashers.
  • Do not microwave
  • For cold drinks only. This product is not heat-resistant.
  • Avoid a rapid change in temperature (particularly rapid cooling). Never put cold water or ice into a hot or warm glass.
  • Avoid glass to glass contact

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