DYK Mini Santoku Knife

$73 $92

Product Specs: 
L11.25" X W0.5"
Stainless Steel

This santoku knife by DYK is versatile, easy to maintain, hollow-handled for lightness, and sleek in both matte black and mirror colorways. With its 137mm blade, santoku knives are suitable for almost anything: fish, vegetables, meat, and more. It is the perfect beginner knife and a must-have for any budding chef.

DYK is the kitchen tool outpost of Takagi, a carpentry tool brand founded during the Edo dynasty in 1866 by a sawsmith in Niigata Prefecture, Japan. Their focus on creating highly functional and beautiful pieces was easy to transition to the kitchen, where the right tool can be the key to creating gourmet meals from the comfort of your own.

The mini santoku is an innovation which combines the classic santoku and paring knives into one do-it-all form. The narrow tip and easy to grip handle make it perfect for delicate tasks and small hands. This knife is made to be the most comfortable in the kitchen for chefs of all sizes; you don’t have to be small in stature to want a bit more control with your go-to knife.

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made in Japan

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