13 oz Terracotta Mug in Chaozhou Green


Product Specs:
ø3.25" x H3.7" / 13 oz

Terracotta, the traditional building material in Taiwan. It reveals the warmth and solidness of bricks. It shines delicately in colors under different viewing angles. Terracotta keeps the functional feature of absorbing water. When containing cold drinks, water drips on the mug would be absorbed by the terracotta in the bottom of the mug before it reaches your desk and it could keep your desk clean.

Terracotta mug adopts 2 kinds of making processes: hand painting and Oxidative burning. This Special edition Chaozhou Green of Terracotta Mug is the extraction of Chaozhou Street from two Taiwanese brands: TZULAÏ and Living Green. Going through the history in the neighborhood, Living Green found out that there are many green buildings around for military needs back in the days.

The color PANTONE5463 was chosen to represent the neighborhood; it is the color of memory and the color of history.

  • Microwave and dishwasher safe

Read the brand story of TZULAI here.

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